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Correct me if I'm wrong about the techno linkage but I think TBTF
alerted us to this tantalizing bit of micro fascism a few weeks ago...
altho, for medical investigation the fascism aspect is well-tempered.
This was one of the areas of interest that I dubbed as personal erotica.
;-) And I begged for more more more... tho not necessarily a rehash from

Bitchily working with audio tonight albeit,
Fondly yours,

Gregory Alan Bolcer wrote:
> Micro mirrors and morse code. Very bizzare and fascinating
> computer technology. What's next? Breathing them in to diagnose
> lung cancer?
> Greg
> BERKELEY, Calif., Oct. 11 They say walls have
> ears, but with a new breed of dust-sized
> computers, even the air could be listening and
> watching too. So-called smart dust, now under
> development at the University of California at
> Berkeley, will pack sensors, communicators and
> computing power into silicon motes light
> enough to float on air. They could be put to a
> variety of uses, ranging from monitoring
> battlefield conditions to observing weather
> patterns or even spying.
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