Re: Pakistan Hacker Club ?
Wed, 13 Oct 1999 09:24:48 -0400

Subject: Re: Pakistan Hacker Club ?

>If you want a smart gun, implant the ID chip into the back of your
>hand, and put a reader into the gun. Care must be taken to harden the
>thing against EMP, though, and you still can get shot if somebody
>wrestles with you while you held the gun.

<rant>I hope to God they never implement this non-existant "smart-gun"
technology thats being legislated down our throats. Lets see, I want to
protect myself, my family, so now I have to buy an already expensive
product ($300-500 for a good new handgun), pay extra for the new
technology, and only I can use it. If I am incapacitated, or away from home
and a breakin occurs, my wife is now defenseless. Yeah, what a great idea.
Right up there with mandatory trigger locks. How about this for an
alternative; treat adults like adults, require them to behave responsibly,
and punish them when they don't. Nah, never work; we're Americans, and must
have the world dumbed down to the level of an 8 year old in order to feel