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Wed, 13 Oct 1999 14:36:07 EDT

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<< --monitoring bodily fluids--so that e.g. people with HIV or hepatitis C
could have continuous monitoring of levels of infection or antibody.
could get continuous insulin readouts: when you hear a beep-beep in your
ear, it's a signal to take out your Palm Pilot, stick IT it your ear, and
the readout of how much insulin you need; and then you inject or swallow the
insulin, which contains smart dust that continues the monitoring process.

And you think Dow Chemical had problems. First thing comes to the litigious
mind: Liability.

Damages (those directly resultant from testing or monitoring inaccuracy
(because a patient's reliability on anything is dismissed with a signed
consent)) are difficult if not impossible to prove so manufacturing a product
(again, the malfunction of which seems hazardous to one's health) might not
prove too risky an undertaking (or underwriting) for smart company.

(I hope these technologies come to pass, and soon)