[QUIT] Friday October 22, 1999

Ian Andrew Bell (ibell@cisco.com)
Fri, 15 Oct 1999 18:16:50 -0700

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So most of you don't know that I have resigned from Cisco. My last day
will be October 22, 1999. As of that day my email address here will
cease to work.

Some of you will have some questions about what all of this means, so if
you care to, read on:

:: Why did you quit?

Lots of reasons, really. I was not happy with my lifestyle in the armpit
of Silicon Valley, nor was I particularly inspired by my work @ Cisco. In
my neverending search for the perfect place to grow old gracelessly, I now
realize that I like building services, not boxes: services that, as I am
fond of saying, my Mom can use (sorry Mom!). Cisco's headquarters is also
becoming just another big company. I actually had substantially less res-
istance trying to get things done at BC TEL than at Cisco, which ironically
is labels itself the perpetual startup. Finally, I just didn't fit in --
my thinking is too broad and not focused enough to be a cog in a big mac-
hine, and I possess little of the arrogance / confidence, and too much of
the conscience to work for such a ceaseless juggernaut.

With my luck, my next enterprise will get acquired and I'll be stuck work-
ing for them again! :)

:: Where are you going?

Well, I will be leaving San Jose on October 29th, driving the coastal high-
way with my friend Mark and generally enjoying a good weekend taking our
sweet-ass time getting home. My stuff will be put into storage in San Jose
as the future unfolds, meanwhile..

For the next two months I will be living in a furnished suite in Downtown
Vancouver, at 1821 Robson Street, here: http://www.timessquaresuites.com/

:: No, I mean, what will you be doing?

Officially, I will be very busy performing consulting duties for several
companies in Canada and the US. I will maintain prior trade show speaking
engagements on behalf of some of these clients, will still be travelling a
great deal, and will be happy. Yes, there is something else brewing, and
no, I can't tell you because I'd have to kill you. Maybe in November.

:: How do I get a hold of you?

For the interim, call my mobile @ 408 921-4873 or, until Oct. 29th call
my home @ 408 564-2523. After that, check my home page for more info as
to my number: http://ian.cafe.net My email address will revert once again
to: ian@cafe.net.

:: Are you walking away from another car lease?

Actually, this time I'm probably just going to buy the Passat outright. I
like the car, it goes real fast, and since it's got California emissions
it will pretty much pass anyone's smog-check in the world.

:: What about Oscar the cat?

Oscar misses me. He will be my roommate once more! He's mad at Maggie &
Dennis for removing his claws and turning him into a candy-ass.

:: Are you happy?

Now I am. Thanks for asking.



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