RE: Quake at Joshua Tree

David Alan Boller (
Sat, 16 Oct 1999 12:58:16 -0700

Having just arrived from Chicago this year, this was our first quake. It was
perhaps a fitting introduction; being something that could really be felt,
but no real damage or serious problems.

It's a sneaky demon that springs a split second surprise. At least it
doesn't last long by taunting and terrorizing you quite like some of the
Midwest tornadoes I've experienced. Especially when ...first... the lights
go you lose your internet weather radar....then ....??

David Alan Boller

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To: Robert Harley
Subject: Quake at Joshua Tree

Robert Harley writes:
> Sounds like my favorite desert spot got pretty shaken up this morning!
> Did any FoRKers in SoCal feel it? The news is suggesting about 7.0
> which is a bit more than the Northridge quake, so I suspect they did...

You can bet we did feel it. The books didn't fall out off the shelves,
but it certainly woke me up, and gave some adrenaline (it was my first
one). Was thinking about getting out on the street, in case the
afterquake would be serious, but went back to sleep. The afterquake
was weaker than the original jolt.