That Fuckhead, Jess Helms

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What's the going price for a "supercomputer"
these days? $1500, maybe? In a nice translucent
case in the color of your choice?


- Joe

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In a WSJ commentary, Sen. Jesse Helms defends the Senate's defeat
of the comprehensive nuclear test ban treaty. His key claim:
nuclear arms are coming into the hands of more and more countries
not because of the absence of such a treaty but because of the
Clinton administration's failed nonproliferation policies. "This
administration," Helms writes, "in its shameful effort to curry
favor with Silicon Valley executives, has loosened export controls
on supercomputers, putting them in Russian nuclear weapons
factories. The administration has decontrolled satellite launches,
helping China improve its nuclear missile force. The administration
has looked the other way as Russia has been repeatedly caught
assisting both Iran and Iraq in their drive to build weapons of
mass destruction."