The Radicals Among Us

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Mon, 18 Oct 1999 16:07:56 -0700

"Could you please explain this new radical concept of intellectual capital as
propounded by Brian Arthur, Thomas Stewart etc." -- Dr. Yogesh Malhotra
as quoted in the Times of India, the larges newspaper of India on
the topic of Knowledge Manangement.

Next thing you know Tom will be auctioning .50 cals on ebay. So, the state
of the art in economic-business thinking is that 1) Robert Mundell deserves the
Nobel Prize for Reaganomics ans 17 years of economic expansion, 2) Paul Strassman
is right in that companies think information is instantly perishable because
accountants can't understand anything that's not bean-shaped, and 3) Tom
Stewart is right in that intellectual capital as characterized by
the collective brainpower made up of knowledge, information, intellectual
property, and experience and how fast it flows through and beyond
an organization are what's really generating value in today's economy.


Off course, everyone knows FoRK is the center of all
things intellectual. Now if we just had a little more capital.