Re: sources

Janie Wilkins (
Tue, 19 Oct 1999 12:11:26 -0400

I have used "Price's List of Lists" when doing reference work for a few years
now and can also recommend this as a great place to browse for obscure
information. The level of classification applied to this List of Lists is

BTW, just so the record is straight and I can put a promo in for my chosen
profession, Gary Price has an MLIS and is a librarian at GWU (not a journalism
prof. as far as I know ...although he could also teach a journalism course on
the side if he is a librarian with faculty status). In any event, only a
librarian would spend so many hours organizing "lists of lists"....


p.s./ I would like to take an informal survey since FoRK is primarily male and
I need to get inside the male psyche at this point... Here is the question:

When is a date (as in an appointment to see meet with someone) just that and
when is it a "Date". For example, if you are female and a male acquaintance
you met recently via mutual friends sends you an e-mail asking if you are
willing to meet with him to give him some advice on organizing the structure
of a web page and THEN suggests that you do it over dinner at a fairly nice
restaurant...well, what are the intentions here. Is it just a business type
date or is it a "Date". Are the intentions different if the suggestion is
lets meet for coffee at Barnes and Noble than lets meet at a nice restaurant?

Any and all opinions welcome...