Re: PHP3 -- thoughts?

Stephen Wynne (
Tue, 19 Oct 1999 22:39:32 -0400

In message <>, John Klassa writes:

Anybody used it? Thoughts?

Not that this'll be helpful to you, but I *may* use it soon. I just
bought Core PHP Programming, and I also just discovered (elsewhere)
that PHP is beginning to support XML with an embedded interface to
James Clark's non-validating parser "Expat" (see That could prove very
interesting to a number of us forkers.

An alternative people have been mentioning to me for a couple of years
now is, which doesn't seem to have any XML
support yet.

What do you get? An existing base of server-parsed things to do within
HTML and a convenient framework within to add new APIs to external,
low-level libraries.

Since browsers may not be supporting XML uniformly for years, isn't it
going to be server-side XML that makes the biggest difference at
first? I'd be interested in news about other open source, server-side
XML tools if people have them in their bookmarks.