Advance warning of new ECDL thingie

Robert Harley (
Wed, 20 Oct 1999 19:40:15 +0200 (MET DST)

Whazzup all my ho's?

Last time Roy T. Fielding said:
>Well, then how about donating it to the Apache Software Foundation
>instead, info at <>.
>We don't have any money yet, and our crusades are less dumb (IMO).

Uhh... that would rule. OK.

Plans are afoot to slay ECC2K-108, collect ten kilobucks and give
eight to the ASF.

That will make a total for free software of 3 x $4000 (FSF) + $8000 (ASF)
= $20000.


The rest is for the discoverers of matching points.

This from a penniless student *cough*.

The code will be ready in a few days. We've set up two mailing lists
and a database where people can sign up. If interested, get thyselves to:

I'm counting on all you Apache dudes to help us get publicity - not
just yet but in a week or two. Handily, Slashdot has created an
Apache section. Nudge wink etc.

Be excellent to each other,