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Hey Ray,
You can't, of course, hold me to a post from August '98.
That's way back when AMD was having their 'famous'
supply chain problems with the K6 because they couldn't get the
quality of the chip up. Several friends of mine currently have
Athlon's overclocked to something outrageous. You can get the
700mhz, 128kb cache, 200mhz bus for about $732 + shipping off of
The thing is, though, an Alpha 21364 at the same clock speed is still about
70% faster. They are claiming both the 1Ghz and 1.6Ghz (unknown bus speed)
will be available in y2k.

According to ugeek/chipgeek,
Posted Tuesday, October 19
1GHz Chips - The Register reports that Intel will
announce an 1100MHz P7 chip in December '99
(shipping in Feb 2000), while AMD will be
announcing (or maybe shipping?) their 1000MHz
Athlon on January 10, 2000. Thanks to reader
James S for pointing out the Intel link.

Anyways, thanks for the comments.


Ray Winward wrote:
> Along with the competing is AMD.
> It has what's called the Athlon or K7 which leave the P3 in the dusk.
> THe Intitial Athlon chips run at speeds 500 up to 650MHZ. The chip
> currently uses .25 micron design, but palns for .18 micron design are in the
> works for release late this year.It currently uses a 200 Mhz bus speed, with
> plans to up that to 400 Mhz, and that is one fast computer. But right now I
> heard that they are having problems with the motherboard. Also ther PC 100
> ram isn't going to handle 650 Mhz and 200Mhz and above bus speeds. I got
> most of this info from the Oct 1999 Computer Buyer, which is in Phx, Az
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