Urban Snowboarding Legends

Gregory Alan Bolcer (gbolcer@endTECH.com)
Thu, 21 Oct 1999 11:35:07 -0700

How freaking fun would this be? As kids we used to go spend the night
at my friend's house in Lemon Heights and do all sorts of crazy
downhill skateboard runs. I can think of half a dozen urban sites
that I would love to cover with snow and go for it. If I ever get a house
I'm going to dig out the backyard and put a wave pool and a half pipe in--that
is unless I get too old first.


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Date: 21 Oct 99 18:28:33 +-0100
From: Annabelle <annabelle@waytoblue.com>
To: gbolcer@ics.uci.edu

Were press releasing you about an event we think your users will rather

On Saturday 23rd October the first urban snowboarding championships will be
held in Warsaw - I kid you not. The event, supported by worlds top
pro-boarders (see below for entire list of those appearing), will be
broadcast live on the Net at www.countermine-music.co.uk from 6pm (London
time, 7pm local time).
Minute water droplets are blasted through nitrogen to generate real snow
conditions on a 20m ramp, on which the boarders will perform,

Alongside them at the Youth Culture Palace will be American band Reef and
British newcomers Countermine. Organisers are expecting to draw 25,000 local
spectators and God knows how many to the webcast. The broadcast will include
highlights of the day, the gigs and live interviews with several of the
boarders. The event will also be covered by MTV Europe and Eurosport.

If this sounds interesting to you, feel free to do a quick write up, email
your regulars and whack up a link so they can find the webcast, which will
be archived for prosperity. If youd like to use a picture of the band
Countermine, go to www.waytoblue.com and take one from the Countermine press

Notes: The Nokia Snowboard FIS World Cup consists of Halfpipe, Parallel
Slalom and Snowboard Cross, Giant Slalom and Parallel Giant Slalom.

The following 25 riders are appearing in Warsaw :
Peter Line (USA), JP Walker (USA), Devun Walsh (USA), Kevin Jones (USA)tbc,
Ricky Bower (USA), Travis Parker (USA), Jussi Oksanen (FIN), Joni Mkinen
(FIN), Joni Malmi (FIN), Roger Hjelmstastuen (NOR), Arild Brun Kjeldaas
(NOR), Francis Abena (CAM), Stefan Karlsson (SWE), Thomas Johansson (SWE),
Magnus Sterner (SWE), Piotr Starowicz (POL), Wojciech Pajak (POL), Sebastian
Vassoney (FRA), Nicolas Droz (FRA), Markus Arnold (AUT), Stefan Gruber
(AUT)tbc, Iker Fernandez (SP), Michi Albin (SUI), Daniel Sappa (SUI), Xaver
Hoffmann (GER)tbc.