Dave Long (
Sun, 24 Oct 1999 23:59:48 -0700

> "You fish on your side, I fish on my
> side, and nobody fishes in the middle."

...and after the treaty was concluded, the tribe with the greater
firepower said: "by the way-- we get the top side".

> of you could move to Manhattan and never have to keep track of when your
> shirts and suits are ready because the cleaners will deliver them

Or you could simply own enough clothing that it doesn't really
matter which subset is currently swapped out to the cleaners.

> "I think affective computing will succeed best when it's subtle,"

If a distributed system is one in which Leslie Lamport cannot get
something done because a machine he's never heard of is down, would
an affective system be one in which he cannot get anything done
because the machine's having a bad day?

I used to wonder if the ultimate consumer device would have just one
button: the "no, I want something else" button. There's a good
argument that we're pretty close to achieving it; I only know of a
couple of people who catatonically flip through channels in a
descending sequence.