Re: A trigram which violates community guidelines
Mon, 25 Oct 1999 11:24:37 EDT

In a message dated 10/25/99 9:34:10 AM, writes:

>To my knowledge, Anne hasn't introduced her Entity yet. So I poked around
>AOL. I tried but there was no such page.
>helpfully offered to 'Search Pages in AOL Hometown', so I entered=20
>and got the following reply:

I do certainly apologize for violating the community=92s guidelines and=20
apparently irritating the male sensibilities of the community. After reading=
past postings and the faq I thought I understood what the guidelines were,=20
apparently not and my ignorance. I, of course will not do this again. I also=
didn=92t know it was a prerequisite that I have a web page on aol or anywher=
else which would enable me to post a message, once again it seems I have=20
infringed on the community=92s rules and guidelines.=20

Wayne if you want to know who this entity is, I will be more than willing to=
answer any questions you regard as important or send my bio and CV on to you=
directly, whichever you prefer.