Re: A trigram which violates community guidelines

(no name) ((no email))
Mon, 25 Oct 1999 11:13:24 -0500

It is customary to post a brief introduction upon joining FoRK. Or have I
missed yours somehow?

> I do certainly apologize for violating the community's guidelines

My poke was mainly aimed at AOL, not you (other than to induce you to post an
introduction, which effort has failed miserably so far). Besides, I understand
from another AOL-based member that you have a perfectly lovely profile on AOL.
So tell us about the Queen Anne Entity, real, fictional, or otherwise. Or
we'll have to make one up (part-time editor of Stuffed Collectibles magazine,
drive a '57 Chevy with '74 Skylark front-end sheetmetal that I won betting on
jai alai, drink peppermint schnapps, own a grey parrot answering to the name of
Hobart, have never been caught pouring large quantities of sulfuric acid down a
specially drilled hole in the sewer pipe to fight a neighbor's encroaching
willow tree, have a pygmy fingerbone in my top left dresser drawer, a gift from
Phillip Glass, allergic to kimshe).