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(Editors' Note: The following news release, which announces findings of a
new study on Internet demographics and use in the UK, was issued earlier
today in London. The study, designed by CommerceNet and Nielsen Media
Research, is similar to Internet studies conducted by the two organizations
in North America since 1995. Completion of the new study provides
researchers and business planners with information on the growth and
development of the Internet in the UK, and allows them to compare and
contrast developments there with the growth of the Internet in North=


Contacts: CommerceNet (U.S.) Loel McPhee 408-446-1260 (ext. 219)
CommerceNet (U.K.) Paul Bessant 44-171-916-2875
Nielsen Media Research: Rich Coyle 212-708-7778=20

Ecommerce Survey Shows 27% of British Adults Now Use
the Internet on a Regular Basis

London, October 27, 1999 -- CommerceNet, the world's largest ecommerce
Consortium and Nielsen Media Research, one of the leading media research
organisations in the world, today launch the first in a series of in-depth
studies into the Internet habits of British adults. The CommerceNet/Nielsen
Internet and Ecommerce Survey (UK), with a sample of 4,700 respondents,
examined who is using the Internet, what for, how long and how much they
are spending.=20

The research, sponsored by US Web/CKS, Microsoft, Magex and iCat (a
division of Intel), found that of the 46 million adult residents in the UK,
12.5 million, or 27% of the population, have used the Internet in the past
month. Of these, 44% log on every day, 38% are women and 11% are over 50
years old.

The CommerceNet/Nielsen Media Research study also asked those with Internet
access how they use the Internet. The following describe user activity:=20
=B7 72% use the Web for work-related activity
=B7 69% use the Web to research travel destinations
=B7 60% use the Web to check sports and entertainment news
=B7 52% use the Web for international news
=B7 40% use the Web to access information about the local community
=B7 27% have purchased goods online whereas 49% have used the Web to compare
the price of goods and services.
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"The CommerceNet/Nielsen surveys provide British Business with important
information tools for ensuring they have the opportunity to place the UK at
the forefront of global Ecommerce activity," said Patricia Hewitt, Minister
for Small Business and Ecommerce.=20

"This is the first research to benchmark the UK's Internet buying and
ecommerce habits, and has thrown up some surprising results. The fact that
27% of the UK population is now online will send an encouraging message to
all those involved in building ecommerce businesses," commented Neil Ellul,
Managing Director, CommerceNet (UK). "However, we also found that 1.6
million people have still not even heard of the Internet. Obviously, still
more work needs to be done in terms of education and awareness if companies
are to truly exploit the Internet as a medium for doing business."

"Information from this study is key to helping decision makers take
advantage of the Internet for business. The Internet is a global
phenomenon, and our new study of users in the UK will help business leaders
and researchers understand its growth in a pivotal marketplace," said Mark
Resch, Executive Vice President, CommerceNet. "Our goal is to conduct
these studies in major markets around the world to provide sound,
population projectable insight into the Internet's development."

"The Internet users' demographic profile in the UK today is very similar to
that of North America two years ago," said Jerome Samson, Director of
Technology and Business Strategy at Nielsen Media Research. "UK Internet
users, however, are embracing ecommerce much more rapidly than users in
North America did in 1997. Online consumers in the UK today are reaping the
benefits of a more mature industry and seem to face a faster learning
curve. This level of ecommerce adoption is extremely encouraging for its
development worldwide."

Definitions and Methodology
Internet users, unless otherwise noted, are defined as persons of age 16
and over having used the Internet at least once in the month that preceded
the interview, and still having access to it at the time of interview. A
Web shopper is someone who has used the Web to compare the price and
features of products or services, whether their shopping led to a purchase
or not. A Web buyer is someone who has used the Web to purchase something
directly online.=20

Interviews were completed in September 1999 with a statistically
representative sample of over 4,700 persons of age 16 and over in England,
Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. This random sample represents 46
million persons living in the United Kingdom. CommerceNet and Nielsen Media
Research designed a questionnaire, adopted methodological techniques and
developed definitions similar to the ones employed in the past five years
to measure Internet penetration in North America, making it possible for
researchers, publishers and marketers to compare detailed estimates across
countries for the first time.=20

Results Availability
The CommerceNet/Nielsen Internet and Ecommerce Survey (UK) Autumn
Demographic Report is available to buy from Tuesday 26 October, 1999.
Prices start at =A32,995 (+VAT) including Basic Level access to GIDEON (see
below). To order, go to or telephone Paul
Bessant, Membership Services Manager, CommerceNet Consortium Ltd, +44 171
916 2875.=20

The Gateway to Internet DEmographics ONline, GIDEON, is a powerful
Web-based application that puts comprehensive and current demographic UK
and US information about the Internet population at your fingertips. You
can test drive it at

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