Danni Ashe... internet architect?

John Klassa (klassa@cisco.com)
Fri, 29 Oct 1999 15:00:51 -0400

I'm on the "perl jobs announce" mailing list... This just came in.
Danni Ashe is an "early internet architect"? Um, *what*?

> From: emily@danni.com
> Date: Fri, 29 Oct 1999 11:30:35 -0700
> Organization: Danni's Hard Drive
> To: perl-jobs-announce@happyfunball.pm.org
> Subject: [PJA] Perl Geek wanted
> Reply-To: emily@danni.com
> Danni's Hard Drive is a small company of 28 employees currently growing
> at a rapid fire pace. Founded in July '95, DHD has an excellent
> reputation both in our niche/field and in the mainstream Internet
> community. We also enjoy a great deal of good publicity in both print
> (including cover stories in the Industry Standard, USA Today and the
> Wall Street Journal) and television (including profiles on CNN, 48
> Hours and Entertainment Tonight). Our President and founder, Danni
> Ashe, was recently listed in the Industry Standard's Who's Who of the
> Internet Economy and is recognized as industry leader and early Internet
> architect.
> Perl programmer sought to create and refine web based programs. Your
> Perl, CGI and UNIX skills will be honed and refined as you automate
> everyday tasks and make the Danni?s Hard Drive website more fun
> and interactive. You'll be working in a fast-paced but casual
> environment and directly with a small team of dedicated web production
> professionals. (and one puppy)
> The ideal candidate will be a strong Perl /CGI programmer with
> 1-2 years experience coding/testing/implementing/documenting web
> based applications. Additionally, the candidate will possess strong
> communication skills in order to work efficiently with other team
> members.
> SKILLS REQUIRED: Minimum of 1 year actively using: Perl5 (& most
> common Perl modules), CGI, UNIX, HTML. Linux, Oracle, ViLib experience a
> plus.
> Please be prepared to submit samples of your code. If you wrote
> the code with a team, please indicate which sections of code you wrote
> individually.
> Salary DOE - Please submit your salary requirements - Benefits
> include Excellent Health and Dental, 401K, Quarterly Bonuses and liberal
> Vacation/PTO.

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