Re: Danni Ashe... internet architect?

Rohit Khare (
Fri, 29 Oct 1999 12:36:45 -0700

> > Ashe, was recently listed in the Industry Standard's Who's Who of the
> > Internet Economy and is recognized as industry leader and early Internet
> > architect.

No wonder Roy won't let me get my fingers on his copy -- if he's
clearly as much an "industry leader" as Danni, he sure isn't letting
Dr Taylor see it :-)

In fact, I do give her credit as old-timer and observer of that, ahem, market.

Zipf's law applies there, too, you know. Top 10 will represent 90%
of the hits.

Crossposted bits follow.


At 9:43 AM -0700 10/29/99, Eric A. Hall wrote:
>Subject: [IRR] interesting release
>Reply-To: "Eric A. Hall" <>
>"Online shopping has overtaken pornography as the fastest growing
>category on the Web, according to recent Internet trend data from
>Websense, Inc."
>Fastest growing, but not bigger yet I take it.

From the page:
>After years of monitoring growth of different types of Web sites for
>its customers, Websense has discovered online shopping has spiked to
>a near 140 percent growth rate in the last six months, while e-porn
>growth has slowed to 48 percent during the same period. Since 1997,
>pornography has grown consistently by more than 100 percent per year.

>Websense tracks 53 types of Web sites in categories ranging from
>"entertainment" to "stock trading," accounting for 85 percent of
>content on the Web. The company provides demographics on Web content
>to its customers - primarily mid- to large-sized corporations - so
>they can monitor traffic patterns of users on their networks.

>"The decline of e-porn is part of the natural maturation cycle of
>the Internet," said Brian Curry, Websense collection strategist. "As
>with all new mediums - magazines, film and videotape - pornography
>leads the way until more traditional businesses become the drivers
>of growth."