Re: NC meetings

John Klassa (
Sun, 31 Oct 1999 21:09:04 -0500

> I just met John Klassa and I have the giggles right now thinking that he
> may have not even realized that I was dressed up for the trick or
> treaters. I am in my Gypsy costume, but he thinks I'm some kind of hippie
> chick.

What Cindy didn't realize is that I was dressed up as a 30-something,
pudgy, boring, married-with-two-kids, geek, software-weenie type. Boy,
I sure pulled one over on her. :-)

> Anyhow, we wanna have a FoRKCon in NC. Who would wanna do one
> sometime b/w Turkey Day and Xmas?

Count me in! Er, wait, you said "we". Okay, I guess I'm already in. Kewl.

Nice meetin' you, Cindy!