Re: NC meetings

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Mon, 01 Nov 1999 06:40:26 -0500

Cynthia Dale wrote:
> I just met John Klassa and I have the giggles right now thinking
> that he may have not even realized that I was dressed up for the
> trick or treaters. I am in my Gypsy costume, but he thinks I'm
> some kind of hippie chick.

I'll be easy to recognise; I look just like myself. Ask Rohit.
I think my looking just like myself had something to do with
his imbibing pattern at Akvavit; we were seated facing each
other. Poor me; I don't drink alcohol, and didn't have his
escape. :-)

> Anyhow, we wanna have a FoRKCon in NC. Who would wanna do one
> sometime b/w Turkey Day and Xmas?

Tentatively cool with me..

#ken    P-)}

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