Re: diffent machines, same environment?

John Klassa (
Mon, 01 Nov 1999 15:47:02 -0500

Okay, I'm slowly getting the hang of this, I think. The CVS stuff
is working nicely (I've got a bunch of files in the repository, and
have got a server running to serve the stuff up to my linux box upon
request). Good enough.

I've also got the ssh stuff working decently well, but am still
perplexed by something. In particular, how do I get my entire X session
to run under the auspices of ssh, so that the things I do from my window
manager menus (like spawning an xterm) get the benefit of encryption and
the like? As it is, I'm starting X from ssh-agent, as in:

eval `ssh-agent thing-to-start-X`

When I come up, xterms created by my window-manager init routines have
DISPLAY set to :0.0, rather than something like :1.0. Is there any way
to do this?

John Klassa /