Re: GeeK: FW: US Media overlook Embassy Bombing

Karl Anderson (
01 Nov 1999 16:12:43 -0800

Mark Atwood <> writes:

> And the bit about the US media not covering the story? So. I didn't
> even notice. I read it off the online versions of the UK papers when
> they ran it. With the `net, newsdelivery is so internationalized that
> "official silence" is hardly noticable, let alone a real problem.

So when the local ghetto school administrators whine about how their
textbooks are obsolete and falling apart, do you tell them that their
situation isn't a real problem? After all, there is plenty of science
and math information on the web.

I had two newspapers coming into my house for a while, the Oregonian
and the NY Times. The Times ran an article about a festering blob of
radioactive material a few miles upstream (Hanford, I live in
Portland) which is rapidly growing for reasons unknown and will soon
bust out of its tank and float to my town unless somebody can figure
out how to stop it and spend a few more million tax dollars on
delaying this particular disaster. The Oregonian printed about half
of the same article a day later, skipping the more dire predictions
and burying it well under the front page where it belonged. But
perhaps this wasn't a news travesty; perhaps the Oregonian shouldn't
even have bothered to run the article at all, sine everyone in
Portland can read it at

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