Re: Updated home page

Sally Khudairi (
Wed, 3 Nov 1999 20:44:40 -0500

[Sebastian here with Sally en route from San Diego back to Boston...]

Hi Mark, thanks for your feedback.

>Whoa, major step backwards!
>I like the responsiveness, but is it really a good thing that some/all of
>the individual "pages" don't have URLs and that the whole thing is one big
>Turing-complete script?! How is this better than using an applet (modulo
>that the script is generated from a tool - it could just as easily have
>generated Java bytecodes for an applet)?

Good to hear you like the responsiveness. The other issues can and will be
fixed. It will be possible that you can access parts of this
"one-page-website" just like it normally works with anchors, i.e. to get the "who page" presented
after the website has loaded.

Java - believe me, no. The speed, the code size, the flexibility you see
is only possible with JavaScript, not Java. I could go to length on this.
JavaScript code is generated on the fly out of XHTML-FML, which is XHTML 1.1
plus the Forms Markup Language namespace of 18 new tags that make the
authoring of such Mozquito websites a piece of cake.

>What happened to "everything that matters has a URI", declaration before
>automation, and all that other good Web stuff? What do search engines
>think of content published in this way?

Search engine see all the meta tags, and will take the link to the old
version of the website.

>If you did this to teach me a lesson for nit-picking about the single use
>of "font" in the XHTML version, ok, lesson learned. Now switch back.
>Fast. Please! 8-)

We see it as a new way to use and process new markup language beyond XHTML
1.0 in existing browsers without requiring the world to install new

The downwards compatibility can be handled (for lynx, etc.).

- Sebastian