Disney b. Missouri, started anim in Kansas City, MO

Rohit Khare (khare@pest.w3.org)
Tue, 2 Jan 96 11:54:08 -0500

Well, Britannica Online had the answer: born near Marceline, Mo. Grew up on a
farm moved to Chicago through high school. WWI, ambulance dirver. Returned,
started seminal animation agency in Kansas City, Mo.

See: disinformation passing for information: he did grow up in Illinois, but
I did retract to Kansas. I just forgot the "City" part. :-)

Please don't tell Dan Connolly -- they're probably real proud of this in KC...

Your local Bit Shack,
Rohit Khare

PS. for you spectators, I had a party conversation with TimBL and Tom Greene
that somehow hit Disney, whence I spun out my entire cache entry on Disney's
birth and early career... don't ask why, youall know me :-)