Workshop 33. DesignFest

Rohit Khare (
Thu, 4 Jan 96 20:29:09 -0500

The OOPSLA'95 DesignFest celebrates the importance of design and the
creativity of designers. You'll work in small groups to solve a particular
design problem, bringing to bear your experience in object-oriented design
and/or in working on similar problems. The goal is to learn new techniques
from each other, to uncover and articulate the analysis and design patterns
that we already use subconsciously, and to develop communities interested in
design within particular problem domains.

We will provide a timetable, process hints and a list of deliverables to give
you a framework for your design efforts and the discovery of patterns. The
process will include comparing your work with others, and cooperating in
producing a joint final output. Expert mentors will assist the groups with
their work.

Each group will have a "recorder" and a "moderator". The recorder is
responsible for recording what the group has learned. The moderator is
responsible for making sure that the group makes progress. Both should be
even-handed and impartial. People with strong opinions about how to solve
these problems are especially welcome to DesignFest, but please don't
volunteer to be a recorder or a moderator!

Each group at DesignFest will work on one of five problems. Each problem has
been defined by a domain expert who will act as your customer. You'll find
brief descriptions of each problem at the end of this page. You'll get a more
detailed description when you arrive at OOPSLA.

This isn't a design class, so in order to take part you should either know
the domain well and have some experience of OO analysis and design, or should
be an expert in object-oriented analysis and design.

If you are interested in participating, please apply by sending a brief
biography to the DesignFest chair, stating which of the five problems you are
interested in, and why you are suited to work on them. Please indicate if you
would be willing to be a recorder or a moderator, and why you would be suited
for this role. The chair will use this information to create balanced groups.
The chair will accept people first-come first-serve. You can even apply at
OOPSLA if space is still available. But since space is limited, it is best to
apply immediately.

Apply by sending e-mail to with the subject
"apply". For further information, use the subject "info". You can also apply
by fax to 217-333-3350 or by mail to

Ralph Johnson
Department of Computer Science
1304 W. Springfield Ave.
Urbana IL 61820

E-mail is preferred.

The five problems (and their domain experts) are:

* Distributed programming - Douglas C. Schmidt - Washington University -
Design the software architecture for a distributed imaging service.
* Process Control -- Doug Lea -- SUNY Oswego - Design the speed and steering
control system of a radio-controlled car.
* Navigating Objects in Repositories -- Ken Auer -- Knowledge Systems
Corporation - Design a repository system for standard Design Patterns.
* Workflow -- Larry Best -- American Management Systems - Design a system for
collecting delinquent accounts for a large bank.
* Reservations and Scheduling -- Desmond D'Souza -- ICON Computing - Design a
reservation and scheduling system

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