Black HW support mentioned in Cringely's column...

Rohit Khare (
Tue, 9 Jan 96 13:08:27 -0500

Where your taxes go

The Feds want theirs in black, too. The Defense Intelligence Agency, neighbor
to the CIA and NSA, just signed a huge maintenance contract with Next
Computer Inc. under which Steve Jobs and Co. promise to keep more than 4,000
of Next's black desktops up and running for at least another two years. It
seems the DIA wrote all its custom encryption software on NextStep Developer
and just can't let go of the black boxes -- not even for free tickets to Toy

Next is flattered that the DIA likes its state-of-the-art object software,
but even Next execs want the spooks to move on to more modern hardware.

"It's just not good business keeping that stuff working," one grumbled.