Re: What is your travel info

Rohit Khare (
Tue, 16 Jan 96 13:47:42 -0500

[In my opinion, it's approporiate to use '' for this kind of
material... please let me know your opinions... RK]

For the rest of this week and the next, I will be involved in several
security-related meetings for the W3C. Jim Miller, Phill, and Susan will also
be attending part of this list.

I am going to contact a few other W3C contacts in the Bay Area: Paul Hoffman
to discuss PEP, Adam Cain from NCSA to discuss SEA, and attempt to see Brian
Behlendorf about Demographics. If anyone else has suggestions, please email
Phill, by the way, will be visiting HP Labs Wednesday morning to talk on payments.

Tuesday 16th
Leaving Logan on United #37, 5:30PM, ar San Francisco, 9:00PM
Staying at the Airport Hilton, 415/589-0770

Wednesday 17th -- Friday 19th
Transfer to Fairmont in downtown SF, 415/722-5000 thru Friday.
RSA Data Security Conference. I'll be speaking Friday afternoon
3:15PM PST (
The first two days, I'll be holed up, working on my talk for Monday.
Teleconf w/ JimM and Phill, 1/17 at 6PM EST, and 1/18 at 10PM EST

Friday 19th
Picking up rental car, Avis downtown
Move to the W3C Meeting hotel, the Hyatt St. Claire, in downtown San
Jose (408/885-1234). Over the weekend, will meet with Adam Cain from NCSA,
Phill and Susan.

Sunday 21st
Dinner with W3C Team, Hyatt 6PM
Meeting with Security ERB 8PM, Hyatt sports bar

Monday 22nd
5th W3C Security WG Meeting, IBM San Jose

Tuesday 23rd
2nd W3C/CommerceNet JEPI Payments Meeting, IBM San Jose

Wednesday 24th
FSTC ECommerce project WG, Redwood City
6:30PM PST Reno Air #538 from SJC, arriving LAX 7:40PM

Thursday 25th -- Sunday 28th
Vacation time, work on possible draft for WWW5.
Possible Security ERB meeting Friday 26th, 3PM EST
Return, United #890 1:00PM PST ar. Logan 9:13PM

Monday 29th -- Tuesday 30th
W3C Demographics Workshop at MIT

Rohit Khare
voice mail: 617/253-5884