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Tue, 30 Jan 1996 09:45:54 -0800

This is the text of the Open Letter from Michael Spindler to Apple
Customers January 29, 1996 that was placed as an ad in the Wall
Street Journal and 13 other US newspapers....

Dear Apple Customers:

Apple began with a simple idea: that the power of computing should be
available and accessible to everyone. With that idea, we helped launch the
personal computer. And as we begin our 20th year, this idea of individual
empowerment continues to be the driving force behind Apple Computer.

We are also moving forward aggressively with new technologies and products
that will play to Apple's strengths in multimedia and the Internet. And
with the strong support of our third-party developers, we now have over 1,400
Macintosh native PowerPC applications, including over 800 that are
"Mac-first" or "Mac-only."

>Apple freezes most spending for research
>Published: Jan. 30, 1996
>New York Times
>SAN FRANCISCO -- Uncertainty about Apple Computer Inc.'s future continued to
>gnaw at the company Monday, as Apple froze most research spending, while
>Standard & Poor's downgraded Apple's debt rating and a selloff of shares
>pushed the company's stock to a new 52-week low.


Michael Spindler
President and CEO
On behalf of Apple employees worldwide.


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