Laugh All you want....

Tim Byars (
Tue, 30 Jan 1996 17:17:35 -0800

Yeah, I'm a lamer for running a Q 950, I should run out and spend $10K not
for a SPARC 20 but for a new PowerMac...

>We have problems w/ _all_ new PowerMacs here. We have a lan of about 120 macs
>here, connected to 5 Suns running Helios EtherShare. The Suns are
>connected via FDDI to a 3Com Lanplex6012, which has the various ethernets
>connected. We get normal transfers w/ the old (68k) macs, but very poor
>transfers with the new power macs (7200/7500/9500). Here is a short table,
>made with either macs connected _directly_ to a sun, running Helios
>Test Quadra 950 PM7200/90 7500/100 8100/80 9500/132
>Read 3 MB 729 kB/sec 326 kB/sec 323 kB/sec 623 kB/sec 583 kB/sec
>Write 3 MB 572 kB/sec 220 kB/sec 235 kB/sec 392 kB/sec 406 kB/sec
>It seems that the open transport software on the new power macs is consuming
>cpu time, as the faster the mac the faster is the transfer. But I never get
>the speed of a Quadra 950 - anybody has one to let ??? :-)
>Is there a way to boost ethernet performance on the new macs ? I also tried the
>'Build-In Ethernet'-Update 1.02 from apple - nothing happened.
>Is there a way to install the old networking software on the new macs as
>the old, emulated networking code performs 100% better than OT ?
>Are we the only ones having this problem, and/or is apple aware of this ?
>Any help strongly apreciated...
>Thomas Lamy
>Apple/Sun Admin
>Media Markt Ads Agency




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