Information Boy has a chat with Greg Burd

Rohit Khare (
Thu, 1 Feb 96 09:46:25 -0500

So, I call up Greg, a long-time ex-NS geek-buddy. He says, breathlessly, "I
got two ideas, see, one on dynamic web content, and one that's totally

He says the first is about user profiling, site mapping, and related concerns
-- "It's just rocket science because no one's done it yet". Ho hum --
Information Boy just slices and dices away by naming companies in each field.
Nevertheless, there may be synergy effects, and he agrees to look deeper.

As for part two, my friends, that's Information Boy at his finest. On the
basis of only two words and his insistence that it was a novel approach, I
identified 1) The business case 2) the patentable trick 3) the lead customer
3) the next most strategic supplier and 4) offered a valuable cryptographic
tie-in to current MIT research as a bonus prize. And yes, if it does work,
they will end up on the cover of Wired. Preferably as an easy-to-reuse

And they tell us we don't need videophones -- I wanna see the look on Greg's face!

Rohit Khare

PS. For those of you not in LA, this is a sequel to the trick I pulled at
Boston Consulting Group during recruiting, when the interviewer described a
very obscure niche of the printing business, and the first thing I did was
write down the company name. Priceless...