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AOL was one of the lead customers of JGC, which has the dubious claim of
"inventing" <IMG X-ALTSRC="foo.art">

Rohit Khare


AOL buys a company--no, it's not Netscape

By Charles Cooper


Right rumor, wrong company.

The rumor du jour had America Online Inc. ready to announce an acquisition.
And so it did--only the object of its attentions was not Netscape
Communications Corp.

AOL acquired data compression developer Johnson-Grace for about 1.6 million
shares in stock in a deal that will be accounted for as a pooling of


Johnson-Grace, based in Newport Beach, Calif., develops data-compression

AOL said it will let service providers and tools developers use the
technology, known as ART, to develop products that exploit sound and graphics
on the World-Wide Web as well as on commercial services.

That should come as welcome news to the majority of online users who aren't
connecting via ISDN or cable modem connections.