FLASH: The entire universe continues to mock me...

Rohit Khare (khare@pest.w3.org)
Fri, 2 Feb 96 22:15:34 -0500

... and it's getting ever-so-creative:

I went to go see Toy Story opening day, and it was pretty dang good. Except
the sound cut out for the crucial five minutes where Woody convinces the 'evil
toys' to his side. Kinda like the 18 1/2 minute gap...

While all the other chumps take their free-soda coupons and run, I fought for
a free pass to go see another Sony/Loews showing.

Cut to tonight, yet another terrifyingly desolate Empty Friday Night.
Methinks, hey, let's go see Toy Story again, esp since I dropped $35 of Rajit
and Adam's money on a TS coffee-table book.

It's a 9pm friday show, in an adult-oriented 8-plex in Downtown Boston,
almost 12 weeks after release.

It's sold out.

<Insert carefree Opie whistle here>,