I Find Karma (
Sun, 4 Feb 96 15:26:11 PST

I visited the "Jamba Juice" that just opened in Old Town.
If you're unacquainted with it, think of it as Starbucks for
fruit and vegetable juices - if you have an opportunity to
invest in this company, you should, because they are going
to be real big.

Also, I'm looking for reviews of any of the following new books:

1. Primary Colors - Anonymous. "A thinly veiled story of
the 1992 democratic primaries by a political insider a la
Deep Throat."

2. The Moor's Last Sigh - Salman Rushdie. "Rise and fall
of a Portuguese family in India thru 4 generations."

3. Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot - Al Franken. "Wise
guy solutions to government red tape and other parts of the
political world."

I may head down to Barnes and Noble later, who knows?

Are we not men? We are devo...