Found: guy with extra-special technical clue

Rohit Khare (
Wed, 7 Feb 96 21:21:27 -0500


This fella seems right-on-target -- really good shit here.

Rohit Khare


Projects with which I am associated (newest to oldest):

* Author of "Generic Programming: Method or Myth?". (currently unavailable
outside the OSF)
* Partial author of Java ATO paper "Evaluation of Java and HotJava". It is an
overview of the Java technology from Security, Compiler, and Object Model
points-of-view. (currently unavailable outside the OSF)
* Author of the Group History Grapher Browsing Associate
* Author and maintainer of the Internal Java ATO Work Pages (OSF-only)
* Introduction to Java and HotJava (slides for talk I gave)
* I'm a member of the Java ATO group.
* Distributed Java: Ideas Under Investigation

* Distributed Java: Pre-Proposal Summary
* Distributed Java: Impact on the Distributed Client Proposal
* Distributed Java: Current Distributed Computing Standards
* Distributed Java: Compatibility Issues
* Distributed Java: Licensing Issues

* Ariadne Current State (OSF-only)
* Web Project Research and Implementation Ideas (OSF-only)
* HotJava/Ariadne (Java/Talk) Summary/Comparison (OSF-only)
* Web Browser Comparison Chart
* Hewlett Packard-Corvallis Ariadne Browser Project Proposal (OSF-only)
* Web-related RFC and Internet Draft Index
* Web Technical Summary and Related Work
* Escher (OpenGL-like API)
* M.S. Thesis (DECS and Escher)
* B.S. Thesis (CUI3D)