Marketeers... Can't live with 'em, can't hunt them for sport...

Rohit Khare (
Thu, 8 Feb 96 15:47:42 -0500

Pre-paid Calling Card for the Internet

Interactive MediaWorks LLC , Overland Park, Kan., said its sample NET CARD,
a pre-paid calling card given away as a premium by marketers, can now be used
on the Internet as well as a regular phone.

The way it works is the recipient of the card calls a toll-free number and
inputs the card's Personal Identification Number (PIN), a code like those used
in cards used by bank money machines. They can then either make a
long-distance call or have IMW's Web access software mailed to them. Once
installed, that same software than uses the same PIN to activate free
"browsing" time, with that call made through a local call to a national
Internet service provider.

For those who give out the card as a premium, the good news is the software
always links to the advertiser's home page as a default. On the first sign-up
to the page, users are prompted for demographic information that can be used
in market research, and they can immediately be given a sales pitch.



WebTrends Offers Web Site Audits

The Portland, Ore. firm e.g. Software Inc. began shipping WebTrends 1.0 ,
which it says offers an efficient way to obtain a detailed analysis of the
traffic on any Web server. The product not only tracks user activity by page
or service, but offers demographic information as well, and it has a built-in
scheduler so reports can be generated based on specific criteria.

The Windows-based product generates its reports as tables and graphs
generated as HTML files, which can be edited or viewed by any browser, and
e.g. claims the log files can be processed at a rate of 1 megabyte per minute.
The product also includes a database of Internet addresses, so the links can
be seen in context, and it's compatible with the Common Log or Combined Log
file from any Web or proxy server. It sells for $299 in a single-user version.