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Tim Byars (tbyars@earthlink.net)
Fri, 9 Feb 1996 09:24:48 -0800

Web900 - The easiest way to charge users to access your web site!

Dear WebMaster,

We'd like to use this bandwidth to introduce you to a new service
called Web900. Simply put, Web900 is the easiest way to charge your
users for products, services, or accessing areas on your web site. The
net is finally becoming a place where all of us can make money and
Web900 is the easiest, most secure way that we've seen to collect that
money from people surfing the net.

We'd also like to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about
our company. Logicom has been in the online industry since 1987. We
were one of the first developers for a BBS package called The Major BBS
(now called Worldgroup) by Galacticomm, Inc. Since then, we've grown
into a successful developer and Galacticomm's largest reseller.

In 1994, we entered into the 900 access code business with a service
called "Quick Credit 900." Quick Credit 900 works strictly with The
Major BBS and Worldgroup systems by Galacticomm and it quickly grew
into one of the largest 900 billing services available for the online
industry. At the end of 1995, we bought out T.A.B.S. 900 in order to
expand our market beyond just Galacticomm systems. T.A.B.S. covers
other BBS packages such as Wildcat!, PCBoard, Searchlight, Mindwire and
TBBS. This buyout made us the largest 900 billing service for the
online industry.

The next logical progression was to add Web900. Web900 enables Logicom
to completely blanket the entire online industry with an easy to use
900 billing service. Our first few Web900 customers have been
resoundingly successful. Contrary to popular belief, people really are
spending money on the net! We have hundreds of clients using Quick
Credit 900 and T.A.B.S. already and hopefully you'll be one of our new
Web900 clients and help us grow Web900 into the success that our other
900 services are enjoying, while at the same time increasing real
commerce on the web.

Web900 is great for E-Zines, Adult Sites, Low cost product sales,
Nonprofit organizations collecting donations, Member based information
services, and virtually any web site that wants to charge for access.
If you or any of your customers currently charge for access (or even if
you're just thinking about it), we invite you to check out the
information on Web900. Our URL is http://www.logicom.com - we do offer
services other than Web900, so feel free to surf around while you're
visiting. Once you're at our site, to get to the Web900 information,
just click on the Web900 icon found on the clickable image map.

Here's how it works: A web surfer gets to your site and wants to access
a restricted area. You will have a form (see our web site for a sample
form) that tells them to call a 900 number with their voice phone. They
will call the 900 number, enter your Web Site's System ID (referenced
on your form), and they will be given a redemption code. Then, they
simply enter the redemption code into the form and they're all done -
they have access. They will be billed on their phone bill and you (the
webmaster) will receive a check from us (Logicom) 45 days after the end
of the billing period for all codes obtained during that billing period.

You'll find that Web900 is better than Cybercash, DigiCash, First
Virtual or any other electronic cash method because it's so easy to
use. Your customers don't have to fill out some sort of application ...
they don't have to deal with "wallets", "VirtualPINs", or "ecash" ...
they don't have to give ANYONE their credit card number or checking
account number ... and they don't have to figure out what the heck
"electronic cash" is. All this means that you don't have to sell them
on any new payment concepts - everyone pays their phone bill with real
money right now. They don't have to change their spending habits in any

It's also important to mention that Web900 is totally secure. Web
surfers don't have to give anyone their credit card number at any time.
In fact, they don't even need to have a credit card number. The
redemption code that they get from Web900 is only good on your system
and it's only good for one use. You, the Webmaster, will be downloading
a set of codes via a secure modem connection (not over the internet)
for redemption purposes. There's no need for encryption to be used -
everything can be done "in the clear" without any security concerns.

Lastly, Web900 costs you absolutely nothing to setup, so you really
have nothing to lose. (There is a 20% fee taken out of each call to pay
the phone company and our administration fees.) In closing, we'd like
to ask you to please look at the information on Web900 located at
http://www.logicom.com and compare them to the other options (URLs are
located at the bottom of this letter). If you have any questions,
please feel free to e-mail us at web900@logicom.com or give us a call
at (800) 764-4266 (international callers please use (954) 726-3868).
Thank you for the time you've taken to read this letter, we hope you've
find this knowledge useful.

Web900 is a trademark of Logicom, Inc. - http://www.logicom.com
Worldgroup and The Major BBS are trademarks of Galacticomm, Inc. -
Cybercash is a trademark of Cybercash, Inc. - http://www.cybercash.com
Digicash and ecash are trademarks of Digicash bv -
First Virtual and VirtualPIN are trademarks of First Virtual Holdings
Corproation - http://www.fv.com

Note: Web900 is only available for *your* customers in the United

Web900 - The easiest way to charge users to access your web site!


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