I Find Karma (adam@cs.caltech.edu)
Sat, 10 Feb 96 01:59:06 PST

While sweeping through the old email pile, I found this little
gem I haven't seen until, oh, now.


Police misuse? What, are they kidding me?

I have the government telling me there's one set of words
I cannot use, and corporations telling me there's another
set of words I can't use? How long will it be before I'm not
allowed to use any words at all?

> From kenwh@microsoft.com Thu Dec 21 16:43:53 1995
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> Subject: CINEMANIA Trademark
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> Dear Mr. Rifkin
> I'm a trademark attorney here at Microsoft. I hate to "make a federal
> case out of it" but we've noticed that you have a section of a web
> page on a Caltech server called "Adam Rifkin's Cinemania". I'm sure you
> mean no harm but CINEMANIA is a trademark of Microsoft, both for
> software and on line services currently available on MSN.
> Unfortunately, as a trademark owner, Microsoft must take reasonable
> steps to police misuse of its mark so I'm asking you to choose a new
> name for the movie section of your web page. We don't want to cause
> any unnecessary inconvenience so please let me know how long it will
> take you to make the change. Your cooperation is appreciated and we
> apologize for any inconvenience.
> Ken Whitaker