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Sun, 11 Feb 96 16:47:44 PST

OPINION: There is something SO wrong about this. I gotta stop
reading alt.censorship and start reading alt.tasteless again...
-- Adam

Newsgroups: alt.censorship
Subject: Move Offshore on the Internet without leaving home
Date: Thu, 8 Feb 1996 23:54:49 -0400 (GMT-0400)

Get a Virtual Presence Offshore for only $300/year!

- Do you have an offshore corporation and need an offshore web site?
- If your offshore corporation does business from offshore is it tax free?
- Is your country trying to censor the Internet?
- Can talking about abortion on the net get you in trouble?
- Are they censoring information about an ex-president in your country?
- Are your political views suppressed where you live?
- Is Amway the only multi-level-marketing company allowed in your country?

If you think it is about time to get an offshore presence, why not
make your virtual home someplace warm and tax free, like Anguilla.
Anguilla is a taxhaven with strict secrecy laws and no Internet

Email only:
For $300/year you can get a POP account so that your email address and
email storage is located in Anguilla but will still be as easy to use as any
other POP server. Programs like Netscape just need to know the name of
your POP server and the fact that your mail is thousands of miles away
in a tropical island will be transparent.

For $100/month you can get a Unix account with the ability to put up to
5 MB of web pages on the Internet, as well as an email account. You can
FTP files to this, telnet in edit files and read email, or use POP.

Bandwidth is limited on our machine, so the email only price is for less
than 30 MB/month and the Unix/Email/Web account includes 100 MB/month.
If an account goes over this amount there is an additional charge of $1
per MB of traffic. So if your web pages averaged 10 KB, then 10,000
accesses per month or less would be covered by the $100 price.

To open an account visit:

If you have questions, send me mail.

-- Vince