Re: (fwd) The GroupLens Trial

I Find Karma (
Mon, 12 Feb 96 22:32:34 PST

> Speak for yourself. I for one will trade anything for good quaity
> smut. Your example of a dollar being a dollar = adding value to smut
> is silly. How can you place a dollar value on the Sept. 1984 Penthouse
> with not only Vanessa Williams, but a 15 year old Tracy Lords as the
> centerfold?

Okay, I concede the fact that good smut is priceless.

However, from strictly an economic standpoint, your utility function is
based on some metric of what you like. And if we can somehow determine
a common metric by which peoples' utilities are valued, well, then we
have something.

So the 9/84 Penthouse would be worth roughly 3 million kudos.
But it would still have some finite value associated with it for you.