Intel Exists Only to Mock Me...

Rohit Khare (
Tue, 13 Feb 96 19:57:26 -0500

So today, there's an Intel Open House, just for this CS building (i.e. grad
students). There's a raffle, for a Packard-Bell Pentium computer. A great many
of us figure, wow, that's a pretty big expected value per resume, $10 or so.

In fact, they gave out a wide variety of prizes: Boxes and boxes and boxes
of... ancient Overdrive and FPU chips! Shit, even T-Shirts are more valuable
than old Intel parts...

So, there are like 100 people there, and maybe 30 of these shitty chips. Even
the theorists are winning, and they don't know 487 from a Turing Machine
(Rina Panigrahy, in particular, won but had *no clue* what any of these
widgets did).

It was like grab bag day, but all the really studly chips were gone up front.
And on top of that, as the endless roll of resumes went on (you had to be
present for 2nd prize), the chips got shittier and your chances of winning the
Pentium got worse...

So you do you think was the very last second-prize winner, the last to get
screwed out of a Pentium?

Look, man, I don't even KNOW anyone who has a 486sx computer below 25MHz.
Maybe my wristwatch can use a 487sx, but I sure as hell can't!

Oh yeah, I promised that I'd prove that Intel exists only to mock me.

The Pentium went to a Mechanical Engineer.

Rohit Khare