Re: Chat with David Karger: Solving the 'DNS Problem'

Rohit Khare (
Wed, 14 Feb 96 16:56:58 -0500

// > PPS. Today's Theorist Tip-Off: Only a theorist can latch
// > onto root-n as a 'real number'. As in "Hey, N's a number,
// > and N^1/2 is a *real* number!" (Thanks to Matt Levine)
// Au contraire. To a true theorist, N can be any integer, so
// N^1/2 could be an imaginary number!
// :-)
// -- Ernie P.

Point accepted, since I didn't set up the context correctly.

They had a design A, and we said, A sucketh, for it doth spew too many
resources. And they sayeth, nay then, tell us the size of the problem, so that
we may solve in your network's image. And so did we give unto them,
statistics, scaling laws, and digits without number

And they came back and said, "Cool! N^1/2 -- we have a real number to design

Rohit Khare