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Thu, 15 Feb 1996 15:04:08 -0800

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* Blue Ribbon Campaign

[If this alert is redistributed separately, please leave this notice
attached: For more information, contact mech@eff.org. Released Feb. 12,
1996, do not redistribute after Mar. 1, 1996 - instead see
http://www.eff.org/blueribbon.html for updated information.]

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), decries the forfeiture of free
speech prescribed by the sweeping censorship provisions of the
telecommunications "reform" legislation, and similar regulatory attempts
at the US state, and non-US national, levels.

EFF is launching a campaign using a blue ribbon as a symbol to visually
communicate support for free speech in the electronic world. The blue
ribbon is the longer-term outgrowth of the blackened page protest, in
which thousands of WWW authors turned their web pages black for two days
after the Comm. "Decency" Act was signed into law. That protest
attracted a lot of much needed attention, but it is not enough!

As a provider of content on the Internet we invite you to join in this new
awareness campaign by displaying a link to a "Blue Ribbon" page (such as
the one at our site, and several others) with updates on what is
happening in the efforts to restrict - and preserve - free speech online.

WWW page icons, sample HTML anchors and information on the progress of the
campaign are all available from:


This page links to updates on the legal challenges to the CDA, alerts
regarding other censorship attempts, even information for skeptics who
have been misled into believing the CDA is good legislation.

As our servers are somewhat overloaded, please feel free to use one of
the following alternate sites:


We are also seeking mirror sites who can run the Apache WWW server (or
another that will allow remote sites to use our domain name) to help
some of the load on our system by serving local copies of the relevant
material as additional "www.eff.org" servers. If you can help with this,
please contact brown@eff.org

BBS-using readers may wish to post (or encourage their sysops to post)
ANSI and ASCII blue ribbons and frequently updated info on their systems.

When offline, try wearing a real blue ribbon on your shirt or jacket.

Don't wait in silence. Please join the fight for free speech, press and
association online!



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