Bored on Valentine's Day

Greg Davis (
Fri, 16 Feb 96 11:29:09 PST

Dear FoRK,

So, just this Wednesday I drove down to Pasadena to help my company,
Green Hills, recruit people at Tech. I was pretty hungry, so I went
over to CPK to get something to eat. When I was there, I noticed some
strange demographics, in that all the people there were couples, and
realized that it was Valentine's Day.

Well, I must have looked pretty sorry eating at a table all by myself
on this night of lovers, so I thought to myself, jokingly, that the
company should set me up with an escort for the meal. This thought
must have been brewing in my mind for the next couple of hours, as I
went to a coffee shop and read something on computability theory.

Around 11PM, I was back in my hotel room, after damn near getting
mugged on the walk back, wondering if I should just go to sleep. But,
I remember that thing about the escort, and curiosity got the better
of me, so I called up one of the listed "escort service" numbers in
the phone book.

"<company name>"

"Yeah, hi. I am looking for a Valentine."

"Oh, an escort... Okay, where are you?"

"I'm in Pasadena"

"Your address?"

"I'm at the Westway Inn"

"Room number?"

I don't think so. I don't actually want some floozie to show up at my
room. Time for me to ask questions "What is this going to cost?"

"Two hundred dollars an hour, paid in cash. Do you have that kind of

"Two hundred dollars?!? Yeah, I have it, but..."

"Look, we're busy here, so call back when you're serious." <click>

I spent the next hour reading about the undecidability of the Post
Correspondence Problem before crashing for the night.

But, does anybody know what I was on to? Two hundred bucks an hour
seems mighty steep for an escort that'll just go out on a date with
you. Do escort services double as dial-a-pimp services? Had I wanted
some two-bit whore, I would have thought to call up a massage parlor.