Nice paper comparing Distributed mobile-code languages

Rohit Khare (
Fri, 23 Feb 96 00:37:51 -0500

It's not every day you find a page with:

> This paper's layout may be freely copied, but its
> content may not.


Rohit Khare


The huge popularity of the World-Wide Web has provided a new demand for
languages that support an elegant model for distributed programming so that
the Internet can be fully utilized by programmers. Several new languages have
appeared that attempt to provide solutions for the Web.
) In this paper these languages are looked at as languages in their own
right, rather than as special purpose Internet languages. By considering them
as serious entries into the language market more interesting observations are
possible, perhaps including an intuition as to which of the new languages will
be best accepted and used in the future.
) The languages considered are Java , Phantom , and Python .