Clark discusses Netscape's use of Cookies

Rohit Khare (
Tue, 27 Feb 96 21:27:22 -0500

Finally, the Netscape CEO revealed the tracking method behind the 20 million
user mark announced for Navigator. The Netscape home page sends a "magic
cookie," or identification number, to each Navigator browser upon its first

Such technology has great potential for creating new business models, he
said. This cookie could also be used for simplifying subscribing to Web
magazines or sites by eliminating the need for an electronic form. Once given
permission, a browser could submit other information as well, such as
demographics or interests. According to Clark, the Web is changing advertising
to a more direct model as vendors recognize the need to grow more proactive
about reaching potential customers.

"Advertising is going to be a huge market on the Internet as advertisers
mutate toward a direct market. People will be identified as a browser, not as
a person, and advertisers can use this magic cookie to collect data about the
viewing habits of the browser when given permission," Clark said.


Clark said that he had been approached by nearly every television
manufacturer and that the Internet access terminal will actually be the

"By the end of this year, several television manufacturers will offer
Internet point-and-click access using a standard remote control. By the end of
next year, I would expect it to become a done deal. I expect it to become
standard to have an embedded Web browser of some kind in new televisions," he