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Tim Byars (
Sun, 3 Mar 1996 13:13:39 -0800

The following is text from the current issue of Datamation magazine


Washington, D.C.- In an effort to stop the unsolicited mass distribution
of e-mail messages or postings to multiple newsgroups on its Internet
network, MCI has instituted a new policy that prohibits what's coming to
be known as "spamming". Customers caught spamming will likely find their
accounts terminated, MCI warns. The company's spamming policy prohibits
the following:

o Posting a single article or advertisement on multiple newsgroups
o Posting to any usenet or newsgroup articles that are off the topic
according to the
charter of the groups
o Sending unsolicited mass e-mail messages to more than 25 e-mail uses if
distribution generates complaints.
o Falsifying user information provided to MCI.

Internet users can get more details at


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