Altavista now finds the code to Java applets.

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Fri, 8 Mar 96 07:13:32 PST

By Clair Whitmer on c|net
March 6, 1996, 4 p.m. PT

Can't remember where that latest, greatest Java applet came from?
Digital Equipment wants you to use its Alta Vista search engine to find

The company today announced a new function for Alta Vista that lets
users search for Java applets by name. Although other search engines can
look for mentions of applets in the text of a Web page, Digital claims
that Alta Vista is the first to locate the actual code. The new function
also lets developers tally exactly how many and what kind of Web sites
are using their applets.

Users can search for specific applets, such as "TicTacToe," or can ask
for the complete list of Java applets. The company says it has already
located 24,000 Web pages that contain Java applets in the Alta Vista
index of more than 21 million pages.

Three months after going live, Alta Vista pulls an average of 4 million
hits per day, according to Digital.

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In other (completely unrelated) news, the Dow is down 113 on
unexpectantly good employment data. Maybe they heard Rohit was
going back east this morning.

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