Sun releases Java ORBs, d/l'able RPC system

Rohit Khare (
Wed, 13 Mar 96 11:08:25 -0500

Remote Objects for Java(tm)

These are the Early Access Releases of Java IDL (alpha1) and Java RMI
(alpha1), which are two of a number of Java interconnectivity products being
developed by JavaSoft.

Java IDL and Java RMI provide ways for transparently connecting Java clients
to network servers, using either the industry standard IDL Interface
Definition language, or a pure Java Remote Method Invocation (RMI) mechanism.

If you're running a Java enabled browser, take a look at our _Remote object demos_.

To download and use the early access distribution, see the _download
instructions_ and the _release notes_.

Java Remote Method Invocation (RMI)


The _Java RMI system_ allows you to define a remote interface in Java by
defining a Java interface that inherits from the standard Java interface

This Java interface can then be compiled with a stub generator tool called
_rmigen_. This tool produces client and servers stubs that handle the details
of transmitting calls over the network.

Server programs can define remote objects in Java and then bind them to URLs.
Client applets can resolve the URLs to receive Java client objects. When the
applet invokes the client object, the call is automatically transmitted to the
Java object on the remote server.

Java RMI alpha1 is intended to provide application developers with a limited
Java RMI system to allow them to do evaluation and prototyping. See the _early
access RMI design document_ for a description of limitations in this early
access release that will be removed in the final product system. Some of the
interfaces will change between RMI alpha1 and later releases. Also, we
guarantee that there will NOT be binary inter-operability with the actual
product release. A full roadmap and specification for the product RMI system
will be released in a few weeks.