DigitalStyle ships extremely nifty web styler

Rohit Khare (
Thu, 14 Mar 96 14:00:04 -0500

[Sorry, this news is almost two weeks old]

Gang --

Jim Hamerly and some Pages refugees have managed to ship a Pages-like styled
editor for Win32. Have a look at the results at

It is not an HTML editor per se, it's a site-look-and-feel manager that works
alongside tools like FrontPage and so on.

These guys would be natural supporters of content-negotiation and the new
font downloading work. They also seem to have good VC backing, so we should
hit them up for a membership... Tim: 800-388-7895 :-)

Rohit Khare


At the heart of WebSuite are five tightly integrated tools- the Component
Catalog, Style Groups, the Component Editor, the Image Manager and the Load

The Component Catalog is an object database for managing all Web style
components. The Component Catalog helps developers manage style and apply a
consistent look-and-feel to all Web pages throughout an entire site.

Style Groups are professionally designed sets of components such as
headlines, bullets, rules, navigation buttons and backgrounds. Each provided
Style Group has approximately 70 different style components all designed to
work well together.

The Component Editor is an integrated tool for creating entirely new style
components or modifying a component provided with WebSuite. The Component
Editor consists of an easy-to-use text editor for adding custom text to
components, a shape editor for adding interesting graphic designs, and a
facility for adding bitmap graphics. Additionally, the Component Editor
provides a set of special effects for adding color, color ramping and multiple
levels of shadowing-all with the click of the mouse.

The Image Manager provides support for importing graphic images created with
other software tools. The Image Manager automatically reduces images down to
256 colors and allows application transparency to be applied to the image.
WebSuite supports all popular graphics formats including GIF, JPEG, PNG and

The Load Manager determines the network download time for any style
component, and helps developers make appropriate trade-off decisions about
size and complexity of graphic images versus download time. The Load Manager
helps the developer to ensure that the overall Web page accomplishes visual
objectives and can be efficiently downloaded on even the slowest of modem