Gates: Is Netscape trying to make money? Dammit, I bet they are.

Rohit Khare (
Fri, 15 Mar 96 12:47:27 -0500

> Bill Gates:
> When Netscape extends its browser, they don't ask anybody's permission, go to
> a committee, or wait. They do it. That's fine, and if people start to use it,
> we put it in Internet Explorer. If people use Internet Explorer, I bet you
> Netscape will put it into their browser. We are playing by exactly the same
> rules that have existed for 20 years.
> PC Week: Will Netscape put ActiveX in its browser?
> Gates: We have a connector that runs ActiveX controls under their browser.
> I'm not aware of them asking us to let them ship that with their browser.
> Some things we will do cooperatively, some through industry committees, like
> some of the security protocols. The rules are no different than they have
> ever been.
> Remember, the guys who have used the term "open" the most are the Unix guys
> who have their instruction sets and their own user interface. Can you move
> one app from one system to another? We're the PC guys, where customers have
> the flexibility to change hardware vendors and use different software. We
> have not been so brash in the use of the word.
> Is Netscape trying to make money? Dammit, I bet they are. And me, too. How
> about that?